Trickle Green Oak

Trickle, Green Oak is a work for four dancers, a strangely austere view of a mystical world. The movement language stems from the conflict between the strength of the body and its vulnerability.

Choreography Susanna Leinonen 

Music Mia Erlin 

Costumes Erika Turunen 

Set Design Erika Turunen, Olli-Pekka Koivunen and Susanna Leinonen 

Lighting Design Olli-Pekka Koivunen 

Dancers (latest) Gio Buttacavoli, Atte Kilpinen, Kasperi Kolehmainen, Joni Österlund 

Duration 18 min 

Premiere 31.10.2003 Finnish National Ballet 

Production Finnish National Ballet 

“Finnish choreographer Susanna Leinonen’s stunning trickle green oak conjured up a surreal realm where bodies broke with the sounds of icebergs crashing into the sea. In this amazing fusion of butoh and ballet.”

– Houston Chronicle (2004)