Breaking the Fury

“An evocative journey into the subconscious“

Exuding raw vitality, Breaking the Fury dives into a world of rites and trance. On the one hand, shamanistic, on the other hand, futuristic work is constructed through strong opposites, creating a world where power relations compete against each other. The tensions that build up between the individual and the community reveal the rage and violence smouldering beneath the surface.

Choreographer Susanna Leinonen’s personal and physical movement is hypnotically captivating. Hip hop artist Kasperi Laine’s first composition for orchestra together with strong visuals complete the suggestive and all-sense-pleasing overall work.

Choreography: Susanna Leinonen 

Music: Kasperi Laine 

Music performed by: Malmö Opera Orchestra 

Costumes: Erika Turunen 

Lighting Design: Mikki Kunttu, Mikael Sylvest 

Video: Jouka Valkama 

Duration: 45 minutes 

Premiere 13.10.2012 Malmö Opera 

Production Skånes Dans Theatre, Malmö Opera