“Susanna Leinonen Company’s 20th anniversary work Body is the final part of a Trilogy, that leaves a unique mark on the history of Finnish contemporary dance.”

Susanna Leinonen Company’s BODY is the final part of a trilogy about corporealism. The choreographer’s previous works Nasty and Toxic have reflected on what it means to be a woman in this society: subject to constant criticism and control. In her work “Body”, Leinonen focuses simplistically on the physical body, strips it down into what the body experiences during its life cycle.

BODY reminds us how amazing and adaptable mechanism it is as such, without outside modification – or pressure for one.

“As the name implies, BODY’s themes are physical and embodied. Since childhood, my body, wrapped around dance, has given and taken a lot over the years. Being a woman, my body has also been subjected to harsh outside scrutiny. Every change in my body has inevitably affected my mind – and vice versa. Thanks to the strong union of body and mind, the connection between them cannot be ruled out. It can be momentarily forgotten, but never completely lost. As a choreographer and a dancer, the most important thing for me is the relationship with my own body.” – Susanna Leinonen

Duration: 60 min

Choreography: Susanna Leinonen

Music: Kasperi Laine

Costumes: Sari Nuttunen

Dancers: Camilla Keihäs, Minttu Pietilä, Aino Päivike, Elke Shroeder, Jack Traylen, Tatiana Urteva

World premiere: Nov 26th 2021 at 7PM, Espoo Cultural Centre Louhi Hall

“Susanna Leinonen Company’s performance Body glows darkly as it pushes the boundaries – – Body proves superbly that art can embrace the darkest and toughest issues; they’re part of the secret of humanity and can’t be just swept under the carpet.”

– Helsingin Sanomat (2021)

“Susanna Leinonen Company’s Work Body captivates the Viewer – – It is a magnificent anniversary work, which demonstrates that both Leinonen as a choreographer and the entire company are at the peak of their powers”

– Demokraatti (2021)

“Positive Story of the Wondrous Body” – – The six dancers use every muscle they have. The movements are often so slow and organic that it is possible to feel the transfer of weight in their bodies.”

– Kuriren, Sweden (2023)