“Susanna Leinonen has already demonstrated that she has a personal way of creating movement. She trusts in movement, dance, and the dancer.”

Babolat, Susanna Leinonen’s second full-length choreography, is comical in its sensibility and absurd in its logic as it looks at the lives of five people.

Choreography: Susanna Leinonen 

Music: Wally Brill, odp, Tj Rehmi & Ravi Bal, Camille Saint-Saëns, Mozart and Tapani Rinne 

Costumes: Sari Suominen 

Lighting Design: Pasi Pehkonen 

Dancers: Kaisu Hölttä, Heidi Lehtoranta, Sara Kovamäki, Anne Raudaskoski and Susanna Leinonen 

Duration: 43 min 

Premiere: 1.9.2001 Helsinki Festival 

Production: Helsinki Festival, Zodiak -The Center for New Dance, Stoa the Cultural Centre of Eastern Helsinki 

Financially supported by National Council for Dance, The Finnish Cultural Foundation and Arts Council of Helsinki Metropolitan Region 

Set to a terrific soundtrack, the piece is witty and knowing about its own sensuality. It may be the only festival dance piece I wasn´t ready to see end, and the one I would have readily watched again immediately…

– Dance Europe (2002)