“Susanna Leinonen Company’s professional dancers, known for their skill, together with elderly performers, succeed in bringing their resources together and creating full-fledged dance art!”

Dance for the Elderly follow-up project 2022–23

In Tatiana Urteva’s work ARVO, the stage is filled with strong expression, as the 22-member cast interprets the choreographer’s delicately captivating movement. The spectrum of emotions drives bodies from a minimalist, almost stagnant, breath-like movement to its explosive extreme.

The work ponders identity and asks, according to whose expectations is it built on? Is there room for an individual’s hopes and dreams, and does the invisible embrace of the community support us on our journey?

The work features elderly people together with professional dancers from Susanna Leinonen Company.

Premiere 4.3.2023 at 7 pm, Eastern Helsinki Cultural Centre Stoa