Towards a Sustainable Future

Susanna Leinonen Company’s environmental program is designed to strengthen our commitment to sustainable development and environmental responsibility. Our program covers several key areas that reflect our dedication to sustainable practices.

Energy Efficiency: Our goal is to reduce energy consumption and enhance energy efficiency across all our operations. We have set specific metrics and actively monitor our progress in this area.

Emission Reductions: We are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and participating in the fight against climate change. We conduct systematic assessments of our emissions and develop strategies to reduce them.

Waste Management and Recycling: We reinforce our commitment to responsible waste management and recycling. We promote efficient recycling practices and aim to reduce waste in our operations.

Responsible Procurement: We strive to procure and use responsible and environmentally friendly materials. We collaborate with partners who share the same values of sustainable development.

Community and Education: We actively engage with our community and provide education on the principles of sustainable development. Our goal is to raise awareness of environmental issues and encourage other stakeholders to join the sustainable development movement.

Continuous Improvements: We are dedicated to continuous improvements in our environmental efforts. We listen to our stakeholders, monitor industry developments, and constantly seek new ways to minimize our environmental impact.

Our environmental program is a step towards a sustainable future, and together, we can create artistic inspiration while protecting our environment for future generations.