Tuula Malo

Dance Teacher

Tuula Malo has been dancing almost all her life. The hobby started to become more professional when she started as a dance teacher after only a few years of doing it. In addition to teching, Malo has prepared choreographies for student shows and professional theaters. Malo has also danced in theaters and music videos and competed as a dancer with different formations and small groups. In amateur theatre, Malo has worked as a choreographer and dancer as well as an actor.

Tuula Malo’s education is from the side of exercise and sports. It can be seen in his teaching in various nuances. He is currently completing his studies in the management and development of sports and sports in Haaga-Helia. In addition, she has completed specialization studies in dance pedagogy at the University of Jyväskylä. Since 2014, Malo has been teaching dance to the elderly, and feels that maintaining the functionality of the elderly through the means of dance is a matter of his heart. Since 2022, Malo has been teaching contemporary dance in the Susanna Leinonen Company’s Dance Art for the Elderly project. Tuula’s classes emphasize her versatile dance background, which includes street dances and Latin dances in addition to contemporary dance.