Tatiana Urteva


”If you compare the language of Susanna’s movement with painting, she draws with a pencil. Her paintings are very clear, concrete, sharp and characteristically expressed. There is no abstraction, but there is a lot of subtext, information between the lines, but also some straightforwardness, which draws from the desire to show reality. Susanna’s movement language has clear geometry, there are both circles and triangles in it. As a creator, Susanna sees a specific image, but her eyes are always open to everything. That is something I really appreciate. When she is in search, she does not look inwards, but rather always interacts with the worlds and is always open to the new.” – Tatiana Urteva

Tatiana Urteva has specialized in choreography already in high school in the group “Tenderness”. She graduated as choreography teacher from Kirov’s regional college in 2007. From there, Tatiana continued her studies in St. Petersburg University of culture and arts, where she graduated from in 2012. She has extensive competitive background both as a dancer and a choreographer. She has won national competitions “Young talents of Russia” and “Slavic Cup” with the best choreography. Tatiana has worked in Kannon Dance Company in Russia with Natalia Kasparova and Svetlana Vakulenk , in Germany in ndesbühnen Sachsen theatre, and as an intern in Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company in Israel. Tatiana has worked with choreographers such as John Allen, Bob Boross, Pedro Gomez, Renana Raz, Billy Cowie and Graham Adeyn.

Tatiana joined Susanna Leinonen Company in the beginning of 2019, when she moved to Finland with her family.