Susanna Leinonen

Executive Artistic Director, Choreographer

Susanna Leinonen burst onto the scene to take her place among Finland’s most internationally interesting choreographers in 2000 when she completed her first work “No One, just Your Friend.” This work introduced a unique movement language, a refined visual aspect and a comprehensive artistic refusal to compromise which have in the light of later works become Leinonen’s trademark. The choreographies that she has produced in subsequent years have received positive reviews in Finland as well as abroad.

A Susanna Leinonen Premiere is always an Event” – Helsingin Sanomat

Susanna Leinonen graduated from the Theatre Academy of Finland’s Department of Dance Art with a master’s degree in 2000. Four years later she received the Finland prize and the Dance Work of the Year award and in 2012 Helsinki Culture Award. During 2008-2013 and again starting from 2015 she has enjoyed the security of a 5-year state grant for artists. Leinonen’s choreographies have been presented in nearly 30 countries around the world.

Leinonen’s choreographies are: No One, Just Your Friend (2000), Babolat (2001), Indigo (2002), Trickle, Green Oak (2003), Disturbed Silence (2004), Chinese Objects (2005), Kaira (2006), fragile | entity (2008), Grain (2008), And the Line Begins to Blur (2009), Blinded Mind (2011), Romeo&Juliet (2012), Touch of Gravity (2014) and SEE | OBEY (2015), Dreams of Replay (2017), Nasty (2018), TOXIC (2020) and Body (2021).