Kasperi Laine


“Co-operation with Leinonen is challenging and developing work for a composer, as music and soundscape play such a major role in her works. Our aesthetic perception is also quite similar, so I don’t have to imitate some already existing musical style, but I can search for and produce material that sounds like me, from which we then try to build a dramaturgically rich and coherent world for the work. I have worked with Leinonen in several productions. Every time I try to surpass myself.” Kasperi Laine

Composer/sound designer Kasperi Laine’s music is characterised by its experimental and original nature. He graduated as a Master of Arts in Theatre Arts from the Department of Lighting and Sound Design at the Theatre Academy in spring 2007. Nowadays his soundscapes can be heard on Finnish recordings as well as in theatre and dance works. Laine has worked in productions by Martina Martin, Anna Viitala, Mikki Kuntu, Egill Pärlsson, Susanna Kuparinen and Jukka Viikilä (Reflections, Orlando, 7/1 brothers, I’ve heard there’s a city over there, Electronic city, King Lear, etc.). Numerous dance productions by Arja Tiili (Kiasma, URB), Freak-a-zo (Zodiak), Deadly after dark (Zodiak) and Nobody Watch (Kuopio City Theatre) also feature Laine’s music and sound design.

The collaboration with Susanna Leinonen began in 2004 in the work Disturbed silence. Since then, Laine has composed the music for Susanna Leinonen Company’s Productions Chinese Objects, Kaira, Grain, And the Line Begins to Blur, Blind Mind, Touch of Gravity and SEE | OBEY and Leinonen’s international commissioned works Fragile | Entity, Transient Horizon and Breaking the Fury.