In Kaira, Leinonen breaks away from her former trademark, the meticulously stylised movement language. The core idea of Kaira is transposition: from complex to simplicity. The movement language reveals the spiral of an auger drill, rotation and eruption. The piece drills into relationships between people by means of dynamics and pure movement.

Choreography Susanna Leinonen
Music Kasperi Laine
Costumes Erika Turunen
Lighting Design Mikki Kunttu
Dancers Jyrki Karttunen, Sara Kovamäki, Heidi Lehtoranta, Jere Nurminen, Jouka Valkama and Susanna Leinonen (Tiia Huuskonen, Elina Häyrynen, Riku Lehtopolku, Pekka Louhio, Elisa Tuovila)

Duration 60 min
Premiere 15.6.2006 Kuopio Dance Festival, Kuopio City Theatre
Production Kuopio Dance Festival and Zodiak – The Center for New Dance
Financially supported by The Finnish Cultural Foundation, National Council for Dance and Alfred Kordelin Foundation


  • Kaira strikes directly under the skin - "It grabbed me immediately, as soon as I walked in to the venue, and it kept me in its grip until the last second. After the show was over I didn't want to leave. It was beautiful, wildly intense, interesting, artistic and genuine. The dancers really danced. In this work everything was in its place" Säde Niemi Liikekieli.com 14.07.2006
  • Kaira is a journey through time - "The work was thrilling, polished and, in keeping with its name, which means "drill" in Finnish, it went below the surface." Pirjo Nenola Iisalmi Sanomat 17.6.2006
  • Susanna Leinonen’s first premiere is an astonishing total art work - "Susanna Leinonen's first premiere is an astonishing total art work. Kuopio Dance Festival, this year's Festival of the Year, could not have had a better start than the first premiere of Kaira, the piece it commissioned from Susanna Leinonen. It is an astonishing total artwork comprised of movement, space, lighting and music, a simply fantastic visual experience which opens up one's senses to the limit. The work advances magnificently. The solos and duets at the beginning develop and produce an enduring tension, which climaxes with the group part at the end, and the sparing use of effects at least doubles their potency. The surprising anti-climaxes at the beginning and end are exhilaratingly impressive, although I will not reveal how. You will have to go and see for yourself when you get the chance. Leinonen is a master builder of well-designed total art works, and she has a perfect understanding of a dance work's structure. In the fifty minutes there is nothing that could be added or taken away." Jussi Tossavainen Helsingin Sanomat 17.6.2006

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