Susanna Leinonen’s solo work Grain springs from the border zone that lies between reality and dreams. It was inspired by personal experiences and explores the contradictory spectrum of dreams and fears. Reality is mixed with fantasy, creating a situation in which deep emotions can be investigated. An impressive visual world and movement that has been polished to the last detail form an associative and holistic experience.

Choreography and dance Susanna Leinonen
Music Kasperi Laine
Costumes Erika Turunen
Lighting Marianne Lagus
Visual Design Marianne Lagus, Jouka Valkama and Susanna Leinonen

Duration 30 min
Premiere 30.5.2008 Stoa the Cultural Centre of Eastern Helsinki
Production Susanna Leinonen Company, Stoa the Cultural Centre of Eastern Helsinki
Financially supported by National Council for Dance, the Finnish Cultural Foundation, Niilo Helander Foundation and Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation


  • A magical short film - "The work is like a short film whose overall vision lives on after the curtain has closed." Piia Ahonen Tanssi Journal 3/2008
  • How does the dancer’s story end? - "Typically for Leinonen this is a total art work in which the music, costumes, scenography and lighting are combined extremely precisely with the dance expression." Hannele Jyrkkä Helsingin Sanomat 3.6.2008
  • A journey deep into the mind and dreams - "Grain is polished and carefully planned like a shiny kernel. It is at once captivating and secretive, a work that is not intended to be interpreted simply." Annikki Alku Uutispäivä Demari 3.6.2008

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