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Association Edistyksellinen nykytanssi ja -baletti yhdistys ry

Association Edistyksellinen nykytanssi ja -baletti yhdistys ry was formed in 2001. The association operates on a non-profit basis. The founding members of the association are choreographer Susanna Leinonen, dancers Kaisu Hölttä, Heidi Lehtoranta and Virpi Juntti and lighting designer Mia Kivinen. The association supports Susanna Leinonen Company’s activities and promotes the status of Finnish contemporary dance at home and abroad. Discretionary funding which has been awarded by the Art Council of Dance since 2008 has given the association financial security and the possibility to make long-term plans for the coming years with regards to both finances and activities.

However, public support for dance in Finland is relatively small, and therefore private foundations, individuals and companies are in an important role in supporting the activities of the association.

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