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Strong women and men with powerful expression

The Finnish National Ballet presented its Uotinen-Valkama-Leinonen triple-bill of contemporary dance in the beautiful National Opera. Of the three works, Leinonen’s Trickle, Green Oak from 2003 was the real highlight, not just of the evening but of the whole festival.

The beginning of the work, in which four bare-footed and stooped female dancers take over the stage in feathery tulle skirts designed by Erika Turunen, initially brought to mind Mats Ek’s Swan Lake. Leinonen however has her own choreographic language, which plays with references to classical ballet. Leinonen dismantles the classical vocabulary into bits and twists and bends the parts to her own taste with her inventive and refined hand gestures and movement that takes place close to the floor.

Trickle, Green Oak is a fantastic blend of ballet and contemporary dance. It is performed via a supreme movement language that moves through the dancers from their heads to their toes. Mia Hämäläinen’s wonderfully sensual music works splendidly with the dance.


Vibeke Wern
Tanssi-lehti dance journal 1/2007
(Review was originally published in Denmark’s Danstidningen 6/06)