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Kaira strikes directly under the skin

I am totally hooked. I saw the last show of Kaira in Stoa in Helsinki in the autumn. It grabbed me immediately, as soon as I walked in to the venue, and it kept me in its grip until the last second. After the show was over I didn’t want to leave. It was beautiful, wildly intense, interesting, artistic and genuine. The dancers really danced. In this work everything was in its place; Kasperi Laine’s soundworld, Mikki Kunttu’s fantastic lights, great dancers, movement, power and atmosphere.

This work doesn’t lend itself to analysis through any particular theme or narrative; it was pure dance and that was enough. Erika Turunen’s costume design provided some hints about the tensions between the dancers but I didn’t really get this – nor did I miss it. A fantastic work!

Säde Niemi
Liikekieli.com 14.07.2006