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Cool women, emotional men

Susanna Leinonen’s work Chinese Objects, which was made for the Royal Swedish Ballet in 2005, was performed for the first time in Finland at the Alexander Theatre Dance festival. Its visual aspect has been revised. This time Leinonen’s trusty lighting man, miracle-maker Mikki Kunttu, was conspicuous by his absence, but Hanna Käyhkö’s visuals carried the same kind of magic and power. The scenes are very cool and precisely defined.

The dancers’ costumes bring to mind the industrial world, as does the movement language, which has an angular, robotic expression. It is highly reminiscent of electric boogie. The dancers Heidi Lehtoranta and Laura Lohi are very intense in their expression and take the movement to the end with every muscle.

The music is of the same world. Kasperi Laine’s industrial and blaring racket is delivered in fits and starts, but the pentatonic scale in the work’s quieter moments transports us surprisingly to Asia. Leinonen’s dance work is again a total art work in which every element has an equally large effect on the end result as the choreography itself. There were no duets as such, although the work has two dancers. The work completely lacks any warmth and human contact: it is almost clinical.

Jussi Tossavainen
Helsingin Sanomat 29.1.2009