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Arja Raatikainen and Jyrki Karttunen on the Finnish platform


The norm on Finland´s stages seems to be the ubiquitous wide pants and shirts […]; equally ubiquitous are the spiral movements that first spin the body around and then force it down to the floor, like two of the favourites of this platform, Kirsi Monni and Susanna Leinonen. […] In No One, Just Your Friend Susanna Leinonen from Finland spirals with two others to whip up some “Girlie Power”, with no other means than her own cheekiness. Like the three witches from Macbeth, they seem boisterous, inappropriately and refreshingly carefree. Like Karttunen, they represent a generation that hurl the full weight of their enthusiasm against the pervasive pensiveness of Finnish dance, and take the intellectual sting out of someone like Virpi Pahkinen, whose first choreography Uniooma is a multiplication of her famous, stark solos.

Arnd Wesemann
Ballet-Tanz 4/2000