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An abundance of fantastic mise-en-scenes

… Susanna Leinonen’s Trickle, Green Oak from 2003 was sandwiched between Valkama and Uotinen. The grotesque and beautiful movement takes place on a stripped down stage, around the roots of an ancient oak tree. The union between the choreography and the music is overwhelming in its beauty. Leinonen demonstrates how four dancers can fill the main stage of the National Opera with movement alone. Her choreographic calligraphy and the reality she creates are so interesting, the quality of the movement so charged and precise, that they are enough on their own to capture the spectator’s attention.

Special thanks go to one of the evening’s stars, Erika Turunen, whose inexhaustible creativity produced all the three works’ costumes.

Anni Valtonen
Helsingin Sanomat 29.10.2006