Composer, Sound Designer

Mia Erlin

“To create sounds and music in the works of Susanna Leinonen is very rewarding. The way we have worked together is based on exploring and creating sound material before seeing the coreography so when we put the two elements, sound and movement, together it allways creates something very interesting and unique. Sound plays a strong part in her coreographies. Every single element in music gets a new life on stage by movement.” Mia Erlin

Light and sound designer Mia Erlin has graduated from the Theatre Academy of Finland, department of light and sound design, in 2005. She has worked as a designer/composer in performing arts, film and fine arts (installations). In the past years her main interest has been in sound and light art and architectural lighting which she has studied at the Aalto University School of Art and Design.

At the moment, besides working as a designer and producer, Mia is doing postgraduate studies at the Sibelius Academy Arts Management department.

Mia Erlin has composed music to the works Indigo and Trickle Green Oak by Susanna Leinonen Company.