Kaisu Hölttä

“Leinonen’s movement language is challenging but subsequently very rewarding. I adore her uncompromising movement and the other visual aspects, she makes total art works which are a joy to take part in. They are always worth the effort and the tough rehearsals involved.”

Dancer Kaisa Hölttä graduated from the Finnish Theatre Academy’s Department of Dance in 1999. She has worked as a dancer in works by Mammu Rankanen, Jouka Valkama, Jarkko Mandelin, Nina Hyvärinen and Katariina McAlester, and since 2004 she has danced with Gruppen Fyra. She has also made choreographies for theatre and television adverts. Apart from dancing, Hölttä also works as a make-up artist and stylist. She has designed and put into effect the make-up for Susanna Leinonen Company’s pieces Disturbed Silence, Chinese Objects and Grain.