Heidi Lehtoranta

“I enjoy Susanna’s movement language; it’s challenging, elegant and full of delicious little details… One’s whole body is completely in the work, stretched to the limit. Over the years I have also had the opportunity to revise what I have learned previously, and I have gone deeper into the challenge of the movement language. I have danced in almost all of Susanna’s works and I have always approached each new work with delight and curiosity.”

Dancer Heidi Lehtoranta began her dance studies at Sonja Tammela’s ballet school in Lappeenranta. She graduated from the Finnish National Ballet School in 1999 and Stockholm University College of Dance’s dance programme in 2000. Lehtoranta currently works as a freelance dancer in Finland and Sweden and has performed in works by e.g. Nina Hyvärinen, Petri Kekoni, Arja Tiili, Arja Raatikainen, Malin Hellkvist-Sellén and Marja-Terttu Willman. She has also worked as a dancer in the Finnish National Theatre and the Swedish Theatre in Helsinki.

Heidi Lehtoranta has worked as Leinonen’s assistant on Trickle, Green Oak, Chinese Objects, fragile | entity, Tranzient Horizon and Breaking the Fury.