Lightning Designer

Hanna Käyhkö

“Susanna asked me to design the lighting for her work Chinese Objects (2009) and I was delighted to say yes because I like the pure form of Susanna’s choreographies – they are incredibly well polished and beautiful. In order for this kind of work to stand out clearly, for only the most essential aspects to show up on the stage, extreme precision and a degree of perfectionism is required of the lighting designer.”

Lighting designer Hanna Käyhkö is especially interested in the relationship between light and space – she often also works as the scenographer in pieces that she has designed the lighting for. She graduated from the Theatre Academy of Finland’s Department of Lighting and Sound Design with an M.A in Theatre Art in 2009 and has already worked with a number of Finnish choreographers (including Tero Saarinen, Petri Kekoni, Marjo Kuusela and Jarkko Mandelin) and designed the lighting for dance and theatre productions both in Finland and abroad (e.g. the Swedish Theatre in Helsinki, Iceland National Theatre and Reykjavik City Theatre). Käyhkö is currently working as a visualist for example for PUPU kollektiv.

She designed new lights for Susanna Leinonen Company’s works No One, Just Your Friend and Chinese Objects.