Costume Designer

Erika Turunen

“It is challenging and interesting for me to work with Susanna because she has her own strict aesthetic which inspires future works or provides the framework for its visual aspects. Susanna gives me a free hand and doesn’t expect anything conventional – I can really create my own worlds.” Erika Turunen

Costume designer Erika Turunen has been creating costumes for the stage since 1990. She has collaborated regularly with Tero Saarinen Company, Jorma Uotinen and Susanna Leinonen Company, and has also worked with the Finnish National Opera on the ballets Sleeping Beauty and The Hobbit, the operas Faust and The Journey to Reims (together with Dario Fo) and a number of contemporary dance works.

“Erika Turunen’s fantastic gothic costumes, which in the context of the movement and the music make the piece superbly stylish.” HS, And the Line Begins to Blur

Erika Turunen’s butoh-inspired ballerina skirts and flowing frozen waterfall are a wonderful idea.” HS, Trickle, Green Oak

Erika Turunen has created the costumes for Leinonen’s works Trickle, Green Oak, Indigo, Disturbed Silence, Chinese Objects, Kaira, Grain, And the Line Begins to Blur, fragile | entity, Blinded Mind, Transient Horizon, Romeo & Julia, Breaking the Fury, Touch of Gravity and SEE | OBEY.