Emmi Hakala

“Susanna’s movement language is thoroughly thought through with immense attention to detail. Tenacity of the movement, articulation of the body and trajectory of the hands cutting the air are central elements in Susanna’s work. I am especially intrigued by the mystical creatures and the physical beings that come alive in the process. I truly enjoy the unexplainable, yet crystal clear reality that become created with each piece both as a performer and a viewer. I am honored to work along the undeniable talents of this company.” – Emmi Hakala


Emmi Hakala gained her early dance education in Kuopio and Outokumpu. In 2018, Emmi graduated from the Amsterdam University of Arts with bachelor’s degree in dance. During her educational years, Emmi has worked with Luca Veggett, Milan Tomášik, Roser Lopez Espinosa sekä Keren Levi. Before joining the company as an intern in May 2018, Emmi interned with Italian choreographer Elisa Zuppini.

After her initial internship, Emmi has worked for the company since January 2019.