Elina Lindfors

Elina Lindfors is a Helsinki based freelance dancer. Elina’s fascination towards learning new things and experimenting with her physical limits led her from aesthetic group gymnastics to dance. Elina graduated the Academy of Finnish National Opera and Ballet in 2013 (CBQ) and continued her studies within contemporary dance in Austria’s SEAD (Salzburg experimental academy of dance). 

Elina has extensive experience working as a dancer and performer both in Finland and abroad. She has performed with the German bodytalk – dance theatre group, in the works of Tim Gerhards, Reija Wäre and Ian Kaler, and in various music videos and tv-broadcasts. Elina is one of the founding members of “This Good Company”, a community for freelance dancers.

Over the past decade, Elina has been teaching dance and sports of various types. She has graduated University of Helsinki with master’s degree in pedagogy (2015). Elina has recently extended her knowledge on anatomy and movement with education as pilates director.