Elina Häyrynen

“Susanna’s works show the spectator a unique movement world and the atmosphere she creates greatly inspires the dancer.

You get hooked on the movement.

I readily agree to be a part of the next production because I want to work again with a fantastic team on a total art work and movement that contains delicious little details. As a dancer Susanna’s works also fascinate me in the way that I feel myself part of the polished completeness of the work, in which the visual aspects and the music are just as much part of the whole as the dance.”

Elina Häyrynen graduated as a Bachelor of Dance from Amsterdam Theatre School in 2007 and got her M.A. degree from the Theatre Academy Helsinki in 2009. Häyrynen worked as a dancer in the Netherlands in 2006—2007 with e.g. Beppie Blankert, Bianca van Dillen and Hillary Blake Firestone. In Finland she has worked with choreographer Simo Kellokumpu, Veli Lehtovaara, Mikko Hyvönen, Jarkko Mandelin, Sanna Myllylahti and Arja Tiili among others. Häyrynen is one of the founders and dancers of Dance Company Off/Balance.