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SLC’s critically acclaimed works Nasty and TOXIC will be seen at the Alexander Theatre in Helsinki on Thu 30 September and Fri 1 October at 7PM.

On Thursday, the cult piece Nasty (2018) will be seen on Alexander theatre’s stage. The strikingly topical work centers on the expectations, limitations and attacks targeted at the female body.


“There are plenty of familiar elements of course: Leinonen’s incredibly considered and distinctive movement language, executed with unfailing attention to detail, as well as the highly and consistently talented dancers, the gorgeous visuals and the first class creative team. And yet, I have never seen her come out with anything quite as outspoken as this. The effect is entirely refreshing.” – HBL (9/2018)


For the first time ever, TOXIC will be seen in Helsinki on Friday. Leinonen’s critically acclaimed work deals with the dark dimensions of humanity. TOXIC dives deep into the brutal world of social media. Due to corona virus restrictions, the work has only been seen on stage three times in autumn 2020.


“Susanna Leinonen’s brazen dance work TOXIC resembles a series of surrealistic paintings that have come to life” – HS (11/2020)  



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