Susanna Leinonen Company’s year of celebration starts with an extensive tour in Sweden

Susanna Leinonen Company celebrates on 2016 its 15 years of operation. The year starts with an extensive tour in Sweden.

SEE | OBEY, premiered on November 2015, will be seen in seven cities on March 2016. The tour is organized by Dansnät Sverige and will feature a double bill evening with the new piece TRE by Kenneth Kvarnström.

The works of Leinonen have raised a lot of interest in Sweden in recent years, with guest choreographies done for several respected Swedish ballets and a tour with Blinded Mind on 2013.

The works of Susanna Leinonen are known for their original and strong physical movement language. She collaborates with the most interesting Finnish designers and highly skilled and expressive dancers.

SEE | OBEY is both a contemporary dance piece for stage by Susanna Leinonen and a dance film by the same name by Jouka Valkama. When the texts by Jukka Viikilä filled with every day absurdism and the invariably variable and fascinating soundscapes of Kasperi Laine are added to the equation, the result is an overall artwork, the kind the audiences have been expecting from Susanna Leinonen Company during their journey of 15 years.

”SEE | OBEY by Susanna Leinonen Company combining different art forms is an experience that caresses the senses and inspires the mind. […] The dancers execute the demanding and broad movement qualities with amazing skill and expression. The strong intensity makes a deep impact.” Mia Hannula, Turun Sanomat March 11th 2015

”I am glad that contemporary dance has authors that keep on refining the possibilities of a pure movement. This time the strong handwriting of Leinonen has developed a new, gentler tone. […) Hard but flexible, distant but awake. The dancers Sanni Giordani and Misa and Natasha Lommi are the masters of this hypnotic style…” Raisa Rauhamaa, Teatteri & Tanssi 8/2015
Susanna Leinonen Company: SEE | OBEY & K. Kvarnström & Co: TRE

March 1st 2016 at 19:30 Konserthus, Vara

March 3rd 2016 at 19 Stora Teater, Göteborg

March 5th 2016 at 19 Konserthus, Västerås

March 8th 2016 at 19 Gävle Teater, Gävle

March 10th 2016 at 19 Halmstad Teater, Halmstad

March 15th 2016 at 18 Konserthusteatern, Karlskrona

March 17th 2016 at 19 Regionteatern, Växjö
You can watch the trailer in Vimeo . The performances abroad will feature a voice-over and texts in English.

SEE | OBEY will be seen in Helsinki on autumn season 2016 with other celebration year program, to be announced later. Before the tour Susanna Leinonen will be teaching the vocational dance students of the Conservatory of Tampere.

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