The latter part of Nasty Swedish tour cancelled

Due to the extremely difficult and rapidly changing situation with Covid-19, the second part of Nasty’s Swedish tour was cancelled.

However, we were lucky to be able to execute the first part of the tour successfully with Dancenet Sweden. This autumn, Nasty was performed in Norrlandsoperan (Umeå), Stora Teatern (Göteborg), Skånes Dansteater (Malmö) and Västerås Konserthus (Västerås). Apart from Västerås, Nasty was performed to 50 memebers of audience, with each performance being sold out. Due to the large capacity of the venue, we were able to perform safely for 100 people in Västerås. The events were executed with paying special attention to social distance, enhanced hygiene and other current restrictions.

Nasty’s visit in Norrlandsoperan (Umeå) marked the first on-stage performance for Susanna Leinonen Company in 2020. We are beyond grateful for every single performance that we were able to go through with during the tour. In these uncertain times,  not one performance was to be taken granted for. Executing a tour safely during these exceptional times regarded elasticity, strength to deal with uncertainty and extremely careful planning. Further, we cannot emphasize the significance of compassion and kindness towards each other.

SLC wishes to sincerely thank Dancenet Sweden and each venue for the collaboration. Nasty’s Swedish tour in 2020 was in every single way an unique experience to be remembered.

And for those who did not get the chance to see Nasty this time around, we cannot wait to come back to Sweden to execute the performances!




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