That feeling when your next goal is just too exciting not to share? Susanna Leinonen Company has got that feeling now and it’s because we’re applying for VOS (State Subsidies System)

SLC is known for its artistic ambition, openness and the constant drive to innovate, and applying for VOS is no exception; we want the process to be open from the start and we’re inviting all of you to join us on this exciting journey. The application is submitted in April and the decisions are made in November. Throughout the year we will keep you posted on why we want to become State Subsidies company, what does that require from us, and how are our everyday operations being build around this big aim.

Becoming part of State Subsidies System provides companies with more stable working conditions and more opportunities to secure a sustainable, long-term artistic practice. We shall tell you more about the system and our relation to it during our #operaatioVOS campaign.

Join us as we jump straight into the deep end!

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