Susanna Leinonen Company was founded in 2001. The decision was based on choreographer Susanna Leinonen’s dream of working with familiar dancers on a long-term basis. Over the years the composition of the group has changed, but the same uncompromising attitude and team spirit has raised the group to the top of contemporary dance scene.

The group is characterised by Leinonen’s personal, detail-rich physical movement language, together with polished and carefully considered visuals.

The surreal approach of the works creates strong, dreamlike and emotional worlds. The unique music composed for the works, together with the choreographer’s visions, has also aroused admiration. The dance is complemented by lighting design and costumes created by top Finnish artists in their field.

Mostly, however, the group can be recognized by its movement language, which tends to express the diversity of life in all its nuances.

Leinonen’s debut work “No one, just Your Friend “was premiered in 2000. The work received a very enthusiastic reception and a lot of international attention. Since her debut, Susanna Leinonen’s works have enjoyed great audience and critical success year after year.

The high quality of the group is also indicated by the fact that 2008 Susanna Leinonen Company qualified to receive state support in 2008, and two years later, in 2010, it was chosen to be included in a Ministry of Education cultural export programme. Since 2010, the Company has also received an operating grant from the City of Helsinki.

In addition to her own company, Susanna Leinonen also works as a choreographer for major ballet and contemporary dance Companies, such as the Finnish National Ballet, the Royal Swedish Ballet, and Dansk Danseteater.