Touch of Gravity

This contemporary dance performance defies the laws of nature. The dancers escape the limits of their physicality with deliberate slow movements emerging from the ground. The moving figures seek their places within a group and attempt to disrupt its balance. The striking visuals give rise to a surreal on stage universe.

Choreography Susanna Leinonen
Sound design Kasperi Laine
Costumes Erika Turunen
Video Jouka Valkama
Lighting design Joonas Tikkanen
Dance Sanni Giordani, Tiia Huuskonen, Sara Kovamäki, Aksinja Lommi, Liisa Pietikäinen and Elisa Tuovila (Natasha Lommi, Susanna Leinonen)

Duration 60 min
Premiere: 21.8.2014 Almi Hall, Helsinki
Production Susanna Leinonen Company in cooperation with Helsinki Festival and Stoa
Financially supported by National Council for Dance, National Council for Music and City of Helsinki

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